Matters involving juveniles (under the age of 17), such as criminal charges and delinquency petitions, are brought in juvenile court.

The Juvenile Courts are located at either of the following locations:

Juvenile Department
Lafayette Parish Courthouse
800 S. Buchanan
Lafayette, LA  70501

Juvenile Department
Lafayette City Courthouse
105 E. Convent
Lafayette, LA  70501

The Juvenile trial sections of the Office of the District Attorney is located on the 4th floor of the former Whitney Bank Building. The contact information for the District Attorney Juvenile Department is:

15th JDC District Attorney, Juvenile Department
800 South Buchanan, 6th Floor, Lafayette, LA  70502
Phone:  (337) 262-8624, (337) 262-8654
Fax:  (337) 235-1354

The District Attorney provides a prosecutor for each of the Juvenile Court Divisions, as follows:

Chris Bivens Roberts  and  Christian B. Landry

District Court, Division E:  Judge Michelle Breaux (delinquent)
Juvenile Court Division E
Phone:  (337) 269-5702

District Court, Division I:  Judge Thomas Duplantier (CINC)
Juvenile Court Division I
Phone:  (337) 269-5722

City Court, Division A:  Judge Francis Bouillion
Juvenile Court, Division A
Phone:  (337) 291-8777

City Court, Division B:  Judge Douglas Saloom
Juvenile Court, Division B
Phone:  (337) 291-8761